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Well, Hello There! 

Profile picture of a young adult smiling and standing in front of a mental health landscape

I'm Amber, and am so glad you found this blog! I'm excited to have you join our community. I spend a good amount of time talking about Anxiety, Depression, and mental health in general, but because I have ADHD and can't stick to one topic, there are several different things on here, so read at your leisure. Check out the different topics below. 

Or, if you can't make a decision and stick to it like me, I got you covered! You can visit our forums and hang out with other awesome people and make some new friends, check out the recipes for a quick weeknight dinner, or pursue the crochet and craft archives to find your next perfect project! No matter what you decide to do, or how long you stay, I'm glad to have you with us! 

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