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21 Fantastic Stash-Busting Solutions That Will Delight You

If you’re anything like me, then you’re constantly on the lookout for a good stash-busting project. I know I just can’t ever bring myself to throw away all the little bits of leftover yarn at the end of a project. I tell myself that I’ll eventually find a way to use them, and then end up with bins and bins full of scrap ends.

Eventually, those scraps either need to be used up or, *gasp* thrown out. (noooo!!) So I decided I’d share a great list of stash-busting ideas with you to help rescue your yarn bits from certain destruction.If you're ever at a loss for what to do with your scrap yarn at the end of a crochet project, look no further! Click To Tweet

21 Fantastic Stash-Busting Solutions That Will Delight You

1. Granny Squares – Okay, okay I get it. You sometimes shy away from this way to use up scraps because it’s right there in the name. “Granny’. But did you know there are a ton of great granny square pattern ideas out there?

In fact, there are so many cool ones, I’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to nothing but these awesome and versatile stash-busting go-to’s. Here’s just a few really cool ones that I’ve found, and this is just the beginning.

2. Baby Beanies – This is one of my favorite ways to use up scrap yarn because baby beanies take very little of it. Hospitals all around the country are constantly looking for baby hat donations for their maternity ward and would love to get some from you.

This article has very helpful guidelines for donating crochet items to charities. Here’s a list of places to donate finished beanies to when all this quarantine nonsense is over with.

3. Crochet Cup Cozies Does your coffee get cold long before you have a chance to drink it? Are you like me and you’re overly enthusiastic about drinking said coffee and you burn your fingers just holding the cup?

Then this pattern is for you. It’s made with scrap yarn and has a built-in coaster so you don’t have to worry about the annoying “stick to the bottom of your cup” stuff that happens with traditional coasters. Easy peasy!

4. Bowl Cozies – Okay I like to use the word “cozy” a lot. It makes me feel, well, cozy! But these are a great stash-busting idea and will help keep your bowls of soup nice and warm at the same time. Win/win.

5. Leg Warmers – Who’s up for a blast from the past? I remember the last time leg warmers were in fashion, so I’m basically a dinosaur. But leg warmers are always a great way to use up your scrap yarn and look stylish at the same time. (I think…?)

6. Mittens – I know, we’re all looking forward to summer right now. (Well, not all of us, I love the fall and winter months!) But mittens (especially little kiddo sized ones) are a great way to use up those scraps. These patterns are beginner-friendly and super cute, and a great way to start stash-busting.

7. Scrappy Scarves – Okay I swear there’s not a winter theme to this list, but these are some great ideas for stash-busting. Scarves are one of the easiest crochet items to make because of the repetition of the same stitch (usually). This is one of the beginner-friendly items I suggest to people when they’re first starting out because it gets you used to the stitches.

A scrappy scarf would be a great way to use up the remnant pieces of yarn you’ve got tucked away, and make a bright colorful scarf to keep warm with this winter.

8. Ear Warmers – Do you ever want to wear a beanie in the wintertime, but when you take it off, it looks like you just woke up from a 20-year dead sleep? No? Just me then…okay…

Well, I can’t wear hats, but my ears do get cold in the winter months, so ear warmers are definitely the way to go. There are so many cute beginner-friendly patterns available on Pinterest that you can use up all your scraps with just this idea alone.

9. Crochet Baskets –Always a great way to use up yarn scraps. Crochet baskets come in so handy in so many areas of your house. I personally use a handful of them in my bathroom to organize everything. (Stray hair ties anyone?)

10. Popsicle Cozy – A fantastic idea for stash-busting! Popsicles are eaten in vast quantity around here during the summer, but my fingers always freeze long before the sweet treat is gone. Making a few of these could help end that problem once and for all.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to hold a popsicle with a cute monster attached to the bottom? If you say otherwise, I know you’re not human…

11. Scrunchies – Parts of this list is making me feel ancient. Because I remember the last time these hair ties were all the rage. They were the colorful way to express yourself, in your hair. I totally rocked these with the side ponytail! (And the aforementioned leg warmers!)

12. Autumn Leaves – This is totally my jam! I love autumn and anything to do with the colors of fall makes me happy. Make a handful of these crochet leaves to hang around your house during the fall season.

Create a garland or some bunting out of them to really make your room pop. The possibilities are endless!

13. Bunting – And speaking of bunting, this is another great way to start stash-busting. Create a fun pop of color, or make a birthday banner using up a few of the patterns below. You’ll be using up your scraps, and making beautiful decorations at the same time.

14. Coasters- So. Many. Coaster. Ideas! Seasonal, every day, fruit, coffee cups, and the list goes on and on!

15. Pen Holder – This would be a great little cozy addition to your desk when school starts back up in the fall. You’re going to be using tons of more pens and pencils, and I’m willing to bet there are several containers for them scattered through your house. Why not make them a little cozier and use up your yarn stash at the same time?

16. Crochet Embellishments- There are so many different ways you can embellish your crochet projects. Hearts, stars, flowers, etc. These are one of my go-to ways to start stash-busting.

 When I’m creating a project that could use a good little pop of something special, I love going to find applique patterns or embellishments.

17. Amigurumi- Okay, this is one I haven’t personally tried because I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. However, there are literally thousands of great project ideas amigurumi on Pinterest. Pick a great project that you’d like to get started on over at All About Ami. She has some truly AWESOME patterns that I think I’m going to have to start learning.

18. Yarn Covered Hangers- Okay this is one that isn’t technically crochet, but it’s still a good stash-busting idea. My grandmother taught me to cover hangers in yarn back when I was a kid.

It kept me busy, used up her scraps, and saved all our clothes from ending up on the floor due to slippery hangers.

(Also, what a great way to brighten up, or even color code and organize your closet!?)

19. Lanyards- School or team colors to hang your keys or badges around your neck. Need I say more?

20. Tissue Box Cover – Here’s something else you may not have thought about because it has the “granny” stigma attached to it. But again, so many awesome designers out there that have updated this classic crochet item to look fantastic in your modern home decor. I challenge you to try this one out, you might be surprised how much you like it.

21. puzzle balls – And last but not least, puzzle balls are awesome! This goes along the same lines as the amigurumi from above, as in you need to learn some different techniques to conquer it.

But puzzle balls can be great visual and motor stimulation for babies (and fun playthings for furry family members)

Final Thoughts:

Stash-busting can sometimes be overwhelming because you never know what to do with all those yarn scraps. But I hope there’s something on this list that excites you to try a new project.

Which idea was your favorite? Did I leave something off the list that you’d like to add? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

P.S. Also, if you enjoyed this list, can you share it with the world? Pin it, or tag a friend on social media? Thank you so much, you’re awesome!

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