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3 Crocheted Items Every Household Needs

Today I wanted to share a quick little snippet about some common household items that you’re likely using, that can be switched out for crocheted versions.

These are items you’ve likely been spending some money on, and worse, you’re throwing them away. Below is a list of three things you can switch out in your home to a crochet version, and have a longer lasting, more ecofriendly version of.

1. Storage baskets. Chances are you’re like me and have a lot of lose odds and ends floating around your house. I’ve got several items that have no homes, or places to corral them. A junk drawer just seems too much chaos, and repeatedly buying plastic storage bins gets pricey. Well a good solution for that are these little stacking storage baskets. Made in a tight weave, and big enough to hold all kinds of misc items, they are your perfect solution! Can be made in any color you so desire!

2. Market Bags. You’re likely just using the disposable ones from the store. They are easy, and in excess everywhere. Switching those out for these crochet market bags just makes sense. These are stylish and can be used again and again!

3. Dishcloths. This is likely an obvious one, but needs to be said again. Dishcloths are the most used easily created thing that a crocheter makes. They are stylish, absorbent, and most of all, they are reusable! No more disposable sponges or wipes. These things can just be tossed in the washer when you’re done using them! Easy peasy!

So if you’re not already using these eco-friendly options in your home, now might be a good time to switch!

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