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3 Remarkable Charities You’ll Want to Donate Crochet Items

Are you looking for a way to donate a blanket, or maybe all the crochet things you’ve made during quarantine? I know that I have a huge stack of items I’ve made during the last few months. Now I think I’m ready to donate my crochet items. Or maybe I’ll start to crochet for charity now that I have worked my way through my quarantine roundup list.

By the way, how is quarantine going where you’re at? Here in Utah, we’re in a yellow status, which basically means that we’re still being cautious but things are slowly starting to return to normal. Hopefully, we can all return to normal globally very soon. I know I”ve had just about enough of the craziness…

I figured I’d share this quick list of simple ways you can crochet for charity and a roundup of places you can donate your crochet items.

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To start things off, I thought I’d give a quick rundown of things that you can crochet for charity. Sometimes we get stuck on trying to figure out on whether to donate a blanket or crochet all the baby hats!

Items You can Crochet for Charity:

  1. Blankets – You can never have enough blankets!

  2. Newborn Hats – One more thing you can never have enough of is baby hats!

  3. Baby Booties – Sometimes little toes get really cold, so booties are always a good idea.

  4. Crochet Shawls – These are quick projects and can be given to senior citizen homes to wrap them in love.

  5. Soap Savers – These are easy little projects that can be made fairly easily, and when a full bar of soap is included, most charities love receiving these.

  6. Adult Hats – During the cold fall and winter months, these can literally save the life of someone who’s fallen on hard times.

  7. Scarves – There are tons of free crochet patterns to print that you can use to make a scarf to match a hat. These are lifelines for homeless vets and other low-income families.

  8. Gloves/Mittens – These can be made to match colors and complete a set of winter accessories for homeless veterans or their families.

  9. Bags/Totes – These can be made in all shapes and sizes, and can be donated to local schools for kids needing backpacks!

  10. Crochet Boobs – Don’t laugh! It’s an actual thing! These can be used to help new moms learn how to breastfeed their babies. Also, they are also used in reconstructions for breast cancer survivors! Read more about it here:

Okay, so now you’ve crocheted all the things, and you’re ready to donate your crochet items. Here are a few of my personal favorite places you can donate to.

1. Project Linus: –

This is probably my most favorite place to donate a blanket. They are working with literally hundreds of organizations nationwide that provide blankets and other clothing items to people in need.

Make sure to contact your local chapter to find out what is currently needed. Also, make sure to check what, if any, restrictions there are on donating during the CoVid 19 pandemic.

2. Warm-Up America –

This is another great organization you can donate a blanket too. They also accept all other kinds of crocheted items, from clothes to pet supplies, and more. Crochet for charity and donate a blanket to these guys.

Again, make sure you’re checking with the local chapter about restrictions or new requirements for donating. The CoVid 19 pandemic is certainly making life interesting for all of us. Even for donating a blanket to charity!

3. Guardian Angel Animal Rescue –

These guys are a great place to donate a blanket! They are a non-profit no-kill animal shelter that works to place unwanted or abandoned dogs into forever homes. While they’re staying in their shelter, they need lots of great items.

Blankets, toys, and clothes are needed and you can donate your crochet items directly to them. Make sure to check with their local chapters as well about current needs and any restrictions or guidelines on donating.

Final Thoughts:

I hope this has given you some ideas of places that are in need of clothing and blankets! These are in no way the only places you can donate your crochet items to. Your local hospitals, homeless shelters, and VA’s would also be excellent ideas for donations.

The Wounded Warrior Project is also always looking for donations. I was able to donate some proceeds from a crochet collection last year to these guys and it was awesome!

So grab your yarn bowls, hooks, and free crochet patterns to print and get started on crocheting for charity!

PS. Did you enjoy this list? Did I leave something out that you think I should have included? Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think.

Also, could you help a girl out and share this with your posse? I’d really appreciate it!

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