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5 Creative Ways to Decorate With Crochet

Have you ever wondered how you can decorate with crochet? I know that sometimes crochet can be seen as an “old person” hobby. Even though it’s become a popular hobby again in recent years, the stigma is still very much attached.

The stigma gets even worse when it comes to using crocheted items as decor in the home. I know I’ve even had my own aversion to using crocheted items to decorate my home in the past.

But as of late, I have been seeing some really unique and beautiful ways you can decorate with crochet in your home. I thought I’d do a post to showcase some of these great ideas for you.

Some of these ideas are cute, others are elegant, and others are functional. But regardless of how you’re aiming to decorate with crochet, I hope this post can help inspire some ideas in you!

1. Wreath on your front door.

Traditionally wreaths are made from something other than crochet. Especially if the front door is exposed to the elements on a regular basis. But if you have the setup for it, a crocheted wreath on the front door can be amazing!

2. Decorative Pillows. 

If you think too hard about it, throw pillows are the stereotypical “granny” decor item. But hang on, they don’t have to be! A little twist on the old granny design makes this pillow more modern and adds a touch of color to your decor.

Crocheted pillows come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on your taste, they can be as old fashioned or modern as your decor desires. Just look for the right design or designer and you will have a wonderful accent piece.

3. Floor Rugs

Crochet rugs aren’t usually something you think about when you think crochet decor. But rugs are one of the most helpful items in your house.

If you have hardwood floors or need a place for people to wipe feet inside the door, rugs are the thing to do! This gorgeous rug is just an example of what kinds of rugs are out there.

4. Hanging Baskets

Crochet baskets are such a great accessory! You need baskets in pretty much every room in your home, so why not add some flair and style with crocheted ones?

These cute baskets are great for storing grocery sacks, or socks in a kids room. And added bonus they add a little more personality with the “Yip Yips” from Sesame Street!

5. Towel Holders

If you have kids or pets, or basically anyone living in your house, you know how hard it is to keep towels hanging up. Without asking them to move out, there’s really no solution unless you get a nifty little towel holder like this.

It securely wraps around the oven door or fridge handle and stringing a towel through the ring keeps it securely in place.

Bonus Idea:

Crochet doilies. Not just for your grandma anymore! These vintage pieces of home decor can be modernized to be useful in anything from lampshades to dream catchers! Come check out this post for the full list of ideas. I hope this list of decor ideas is useful for you. And I hope that you can see the possibilities of home decor with crochet is not limited and doesn’t have to have a stigma of “Granny” attached anymore. Crochet is for the modern person and can make your home lovely, warm and welcoming!

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