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5 Self-Care Tips You Need to Know About

What is a self-care list and why does everyone keep talking about it? What exactly does it entail? All I see when people talk about self-care is the hashtag of #selfcare followed by a picture of a giant piece of cake, or a vacation trip, or something else equally extravagant.

What happens if you can’t do those kinds of things because you don’t have the money, or worse, you’re stuck in quarantine?

What are the rest of us mere mortals to do?

If you’re like me, you are so busy you don’t even have time to think most days. Your days are full of schedules, and meals, and work, and doctor’s appointments And right now it’s likely full of homeschooling your small humans, and keeping everyone from killing each other.

(A herculean task in and of itself…you’re a hero!)

By the time you get done with the daily routine, you’re so tired and ready to just go to bed even the thought of doing something for yourself is laughable.

You say things like

  1. “I don’t feel up to it tonight.”

  2. “I’ve got to get this (insert odd job or task here) done before I can do anything for me.”

  3. “The kids need me to do _____”

However, the whole point is that you need to focus on you and fill your lamp with oil before you can give it to anyone else.

But my friend, I’m here to tell you it’s all about finding small things that can bring you joy. It doesn’t have to be huge gestures, or a giant ice cream sundae (but let’s be honest, that sounds delightful!).

It can be something as simple as coloring with your kids. Or drawing with sidewalk chalk. Or simply reading a book, or taking an extra-long shower. All of these things are small but can be so powerful.!

Joy can be different things for different people, and that’s why I wanted to make this self-care list so you can have a bunch of different options when you get stuck and need to recharge.

(And if you read to the end, I’ll give you a special bonus with even more ideas for self-care that you can keep handy)

So without further ado, here is my self-care list for crocheters. A way to spend ten minutes on you.A list of self-care ideas for the crocheter. Take some time to recharge your batteries with this list of ideasClick To Tweet

Either open up a paper copy, or your e-reader, but either way, this is a great idea to take some time for yourself. You don’t have to stay long in someone else’s story, but sometimes even ten minutes is enough to re-focus and take a much needed time out from your busy day.

One of my favorite genres to read is historical fiction. I love seeing history in a completely new way, presented through the eyes of fictional characters. (I”m a geek and I own it!) I’m also really into apocalyptic/after the end has come/how does society still function kind of novels. (morbid, I know…but also strangely appropriate right now…)

2. Sit on the front porch.

Just Sit. Don’t do anything. Just sit, and soak up the feel of the sun, the smell of the trees. Listen to the sounds around you. Do you live in a city? See how many different color cards drive by while you’re sitting. Are you in the country and no one is around? That’s great! Take in the different sounds of the silence all around you.

Just spending ten minutes doing nothing can be a gift. It’s a very simple form of self-care that is often overlooked, but in all reality can be super refreshing. Give it a try!

3. Coloring Books

(YES! DO IT!!) Coloring has been shown to reduce stress levels and lower heart rates. It’s also fun, and can be done in ten minutes! There are some great websites out there that offer free coloring pages that you can print out right at home.

Some of my favorite sites for coloring pages are Just Color which has tons of free adult themed coloring pages, and Art is Fun to name a couple.

I also love going to the Dollar Store (when we’re not dealing with a pandemic of course!) to grab some cheap coloring books and there are even apps on your phone specifically for coloring. This is personally one of my most favorite things to do. It is so relaxing and gives my mind a time out while I focus on getting that shade of purple just right.

4. Read a Magazine

They’re everywhere! At every grocery store checkout, they’re littering the aisles. You see them when you’re waiting in the doctor’s office. Pick one out that catches your eye and just flip through it for ten minutes. Letting your mind focus on some random gossip and fashion and food is not the worst idea you’ve ever had!

5. Crochet

(Of course, this has to make it on the list if we’re being real) Or knit, or do something with your hands that is enjoyable to you. Take that ten minutes and do a craft that you enjoy and just relax. Let the creative process pull you in. Feel yourself connecting to whatever you’re making.

If you need a great list of pattern ideas to get the creativity and excitement pumping, you can check out my Quarantine 2020 Pattern Roundup list here. There are seven great patterns you can check out, and most of them are free!

Final Thoughts:

Regardless of what you do to take care of yourself, or whether any of my suggestions were something you liked, it’s so vitally important that you do something to recharge your batteries. Everyone is going through a struggle right now and we’re all stressed out. So make sure now more than ever to carve out that time just for you every single day.

These are just a handful of ideas that are things I personally love doing. I know everyone’s zen is completely different than mine, that’s why I have an extended self-care list that I’d love to send you.

Click below to have my full list (25 additional ideas!) sent right to your inbox. Full disclosure here, I will be adding you to my VIP Club (AKA my mailing list!) But it’s okay…I send cool stuff, and I never EVER spam you. (I hate it as much as you do!)

I send out a weekly email letting you know when the blog has a new post, and every once in awhile I let you know of something cool that’s going on. Once you’ve received your self-care list you are always welcome to unsubscribe at any time.(But, it might make me cry a tiny bit…just FYI)

Click here to grab the full self-care list for crocheters!

Tell me in the comments below what some of your favorite self-care ideas are?

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