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Barefoot Sandals

The weather this weekend was fabulous! We almost hit 80 degrees and it was sunny with a breeze. This obviously put me in the mood for summer! Sunshine, grass, picnics, swimming, walks after sunset. All of which you can do BAREFOOT!

Now I don’t know about you, but the best feeling is to walk barefoot through the grass during the summer. And my feet aren’t necessarily my best feature. I don’t treat them very nicely sometimes. So I of course need to dress them up a bit.

I decided to whip up some of these super cute barefoot sandals to add a little bling to my rockin bare feet! Check them out below. Also check out more pictures on the Facebook page!

Made some red-white-blue themed sandals. Gotta get ready for those 4th of July picnics!

Ignore my less than beautiful feet, and focus on the cute sandals!

Then I decided to make some in some fun spring colors.

Testing them out by walking barefoot outside on the pavement. It felt great, and my feet of course were stylin!

I’m gearing up for summer craft fairs, and decided to make a few pairs of these as a test to see how they’d fair. I’m going to throw them up on the Etsy site and see how they do.

Tell me Stalkers, what’s your favorite part of the weather warming up? Do you wear flip flops, or go barefoot? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Also stay tuned this weekend for a super fun giveaway coming up to celebrate the blog name change.

Happy Hump Day!

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