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Celebrate Love with These 6 Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again when everyone is celebrating love. Whether you have a significant other in your life or not, I firmly believe that you should celebrate the people in your life that you love. That’s why I’ve always considered this more than just a romantic holiday.

This time of year is a great time to show your Mom how much you love her. Or how awesome your best friend is after she stayed up all night with you on the phone.

What about your teacher who opened up a whole new world to you when they taught you all about Mark Twain?

I have compiled a list of seven great ideas for a gift this year that won’t be stuffed in a drawer and forgotten. These are great ideas for you to be able to celebrate love with those you love! Plus, these are gifts that will actually be used so you can’t go wrong with any of them!

1. These crochet Mason Jar cozies come with the jar and the battery-operated candle. They can be made in whatever color your heart desires (Pun intended!) and will be a sure hit with anyone! From yours truly, they are available in my shop right now. Just click here or on the picture to be taken to the shop! (These would also be a great way to decorate your home with crochet items.)

2. I absolutely fell in love with this cross stitch print from FiftyShadesofStitches! She is a whiz with these and can make them look like just about anyone! I love that you can add family members and even add your furry family members! Go check out her prints and get one for your loved one.

3. Speaking of loved ones and family, this sign from mrcwoodproducts makes me smile. My grandmother used to sing this song to all of us grandkids growing up. We’d sing along with her and smile! Another great idea to help celebrate love, singing and music.

Grab this sign for your grandma or grandpa and make them smile with it.

4. How great would this charm bracelet be for a teen from a parent? Stand tall, wear a crown, and sweet on the inside just like a pineapple is a good reminder to your teen to be the best version of themselves. This bracelet from MyInitialCharm comes in a variety of colors and you can even add your teen’s initials to it. Check it out here:

5. Do you have a gamer in your life like I do? This keychain from Daisylilyjewelry cracked me up so bad when I ran across it! A perfect little trinket to give that significant other that always seems to have a controller in their hands. Check it out here: 

6. Okay these wooden spoons from BlessingFalls with best friend sayings on them are quite literally the cutest thing I’ve seen today. Celebrating love can be clever, sassy and hilarious! What best friend wouldn’t want to get a set of these? I know I would! Come check them out:

Whoever you chose to celebrate this holiday with, I hope that you have fun, feel loved, stay safe, and find this list of gifts helpful! Happy Valentines Day!

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