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Green White & Blue Baby Blanket

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed earlier this week and ran across this pattern from Moogly titled “Red White and Baby”. It was beautiful Americana crocheted baby blanket. I instantly fell in love with it!

I loved the colors that

Moogly picked, but when I saw it for myself, I was seeing bright spring colors. And colors that could go for a boy or girl. It didn’t call for a lot of yarn, and luckily I had some colors in my stash that went together well.

It only took me a coupl

of days to whip this up. The pattern is definitely not something I can just “set and forget” but I actually enjoyed this. It was a challenge, and it was fun. It measures 35”X38”.

Anyway, I’ve put it up

n the Etsy shop to see if there’s any takers. I’m also going to be taking this with me to craft fairs this summer. I think it turned out super cute!

What’s your favorite

mmer/spring accessory?

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