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How I was Able to Donate to Wounded Warrior Project

Have you ever heard of the Wounded Warrior Project?

Over the last few months since my brother in law passed away have been very eye-opening for me. I have started to see how mental health issues really affect not only our veterans but how they affect everyone one of us individually.

I have started to take notice of the people around me.

How their mental health is affected by certain situations. I’ve taken stock in my own mental health struggle. I’ve started discussing my emotions and feelings a little more openly with the people in my life.

That’s why I love the Wounded Warrior Project. They are there to help the veterans and their families with whatever they need when they come home. Whether it’s rehabilitation, counseling, or obtaining medical treatment, they are there to assist. When I decided to create my Honored Warriors collection, I knew I wanted to donate a portion of the profits to an organization to help veterans, but I wasn’t sure initially where to do that.

I’m glad I landed on WWP. This little video below is a small donation, but it means a lot to me. It means that my customers helped me create this donation. It helped me have the ability to donate to a cause that is really close to my heart.

It made me realize I want to continue donating, whether I have sales or not.

Check out the video below, and then tell me in the comments if you know someone who could benefit from the WWP and what they do.

I am so grateful to my customers who bought from this collection, and I’m looking forward to releasing some more products in that collection to not only bring in my donations but to provide more products to help the veterans and their families in my own small way.

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