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Mental Health Awareness Helped Create This Collection

I had never really thought about mental health awareness as I grew up. It was always just something that wasn’t appropriate to talk about. Mental health wasn’t even a thing as far as I knew. As I got older, I have realized mental health awareness is an ever-present thing in our society.

Especially with the events that happened this November.

In November we all had kind of a shock to our system, My sister’s ex-husband committed suicide. He was a kind, funny, extremely loving, wonderful man who loved his kids, and his family with his whole heart.

He was an Army Veteran and came home from the war with PTSD. Because of the PTSD, his brain was diseased and he struggled with his mental health for years. He was sicker than any of us even realized at the time.

He was dealing with a lot of personal issues, including custody agreements for his kids, and it all just became too much for him to deal with. On the 14th he decided to end his battle and passed away.

We all were shocked!

Everyone in the family had different levels of negative feelings towards him for the last couple of years. Simply because of the divorce and custody situation he and my sister were involved in.

As soon as we learned he’d passed away, all those feelings simply evaporated. My sister was devastated, my nephew who is two didn’t really understand, he just knew Daddy wasn’t coming back. It broke my heart a little and I felt so helpless.

Since then they’ve dealt with his death as much as possible.

My sister bought a doll that can be customized to look like a loved one for my nephew and he sleeps with his Daddy doll every night. The shock has worn off somewhat and life has returned to normal.

But I was still at a loss for something to do. I couldn’t do anything for my sister, but I decided I was going to do something to help out other veterans and their families in my own small way. I decided I’d do a collection of items for military families that they can use for themselves or their soldier, and that I can donate a portion of the profits to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Everything in this collection is centered around the soldier or their families.

Whether it’s a tote bag for runs to the grocery store, or a scarf and hat to keep the soldier warm. Everything in this collection I hope will bring a smile to a soldier’s face. And most importantly, I can give back in some small way by donating the profits.

So here’s a peek at the items I’ve got up in the shop.

I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you will show your support for this by purchasing something from the collection. If you can’t use something personally, maybe purchase a hat and scarf set and donate it to your local chapter of the VA or the WWP.

It’s all about supporting our Vets as much as possible because they’ve supported us by keeping this country free. Check out the items from the collection below, and when you see something you like, click on the picture to grab it.

Thank you so much for your support, and for being part of this journey of mine!

We’ll start off with the obvious things that need to be part of any military collection. Camo hats!

These come in any size from newborn to large adult size, and in pink camo, regular green, or trimmed in orange. Click the pictures above to be taken to the listing! 

A very long, very cozy camo striped scarf. Made from wool and acrylic blend yarns, and measuring 76” long including the fringe, this is the perfect accessory to take with you to that soldier homecoming. Click here to be taken to the shop! 

A camo colored ear warmer. If you’re like me, you can’t pull off a hat. So grab an ear warmer to show your support and keep your hairdo intact! Click the picture to be taken to the shop. 

A tote bag with wooden handles for all those runs to the grocery store. The wooden handles mean it’s stronger and able to carry more stuff than a typical tote bag. Come check out the other colors that this bag can be customized in by clicking here.

Drop some F-Bombs! Do you have someone at work that’s driving you nuts? Are your kids being little jerks? Being a military family can sometimes suck. Especially when your next assignment forces you to relocate, or have your other half away from your family for extended periods of time. The best way to combat that is to grab a few of these F-Bombs and let them fly!

Come check them out here

A towel holder to keep all your towels from falling on the floor. These are fully customizable and available in any color you would like.  Come check them out here. 

Thank you again for supporting this little business of mine, and I hope that you find something in this collection that will make your day a little brighter, and your life a little easier. If you’d like to see how the proceeds of this collection will be used, come check this post out to see how I was able to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project.

But more than that, I hope that you can take this story of mental health to heart and help change the narrative with those you love the most.

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