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They Say Variety is the Spice of Life?
I say it's Anxiety! 
Anxiety is the Spice of Life - Mental Health Blog
Anxiety is the Spice of Life - Mental Health Blog

Hello, I'm Amber and I'm glad to have you here! I am here to write about anything that comes to mind, from mental health to crochet tips, and more. I wanted a space to build a community and bring people together, while also being able to educate and talk about maters that are important to me. Like cooking, sharing quick fast recipes, family and marriage stories, going back to get your higher education degree, DIY and crafty stuff, and so much more! If any of these topics are important to you too, then we will get along fine. Even if they're not, I'm sure we'll still find something to talk about. 

I have struggled with mental illness and self-image my entire life. I am passionate about having conversations surrounding these issues and bringing them out of the darkness into the light where there's no more shame in talking about them. I want to share my journey with you, and hopefully inspire you to share some of your own. 

Anxiety is the Spice of Life - Mental Health Blog

So, a little about me! I am completely obsessed with historical Netflix Documentaries, crocheting and all kinds of yarn (the softer the better…can I pet it? No? Is that too weird? Okay fine…),

I am 100% addicted to Diet Coke, and anything coconut flavored. There is no shame in my game admitting that I am a Backstreet Boy fangirl for life, and will go to my grave defending the fact that Rachel and Ross were indeed on a break.

I am a dog mom to two little fur babies. One Pit Bull Puppy with all the energy, and one old woman rescue dog who is chicken/dog hybrid. 

My other half and I met online in 2004, way before meeting online was “the thing”.I lived in Utah, he lived in Tennessee, and we had a long distance friendship for three years before we finally met in person and decided to get married.He’s hilarious, goofy, deeply spiritual, caring, lighthearted and my favorite human on this earth. He’s an extremely talented bass guitar player, and I love going to his gigs and watching him play.

We’ve been married since 2007 and I have loved going back and forth between his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee and my home state of Utah.We love listening to all kinds of music, watching movies, arcades, adventures, road trips and fur babies.

I am so glad you decided to drop by and please make sure to drop me a line just to say hi if you feel so inclined. 

Anxiety is the Spice of Life - Mental Health Blog
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