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5 Unique Gift Ideas Every LEGO Loving Kid Needs

With the Easter holiday just around the corner, I know we’re all looking for those unique gift ideas for all the people in our lives. More specifically, the LEGO-loving kid that has all the things! In this article, I’ve rounded up five great gifts you can pretty much guarantee your humans will love.

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Do you have a lego loving kid in your life? How about a big kid who loves the little bricks? Well, I know that my brother who is twenty-three years young still has all of his legos from when he was a kid, and is continually adding more every holiday.

That’s why I know that these are popular toys for old and young kids alike. I know with Easter coming up, more and more of us are trying to find fewer candy options to put in those Easter baskets, so I’ve rounded up five of my favorite unique gift ideas that your lego loving kid is going to go nuts for!

Unique Gift Ideas for Any Lego Loving Kid

1. Okay, y’all, I don’t even have my Lego sets anymore, but I want to buy this book and get building! I think this would be an amazing gift to get the creative juices flowing for any Lego-loving kid! Take a look at all the cool things you can build with this guide!  The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book, Volume 1: Machines and Mechanisms

2. Next up is from yours truly! I made this blanket for my aforementioned brother and he went nuts for it! This is one of my most favorite patterns I’ve ever done, and making the blanket is so much fun! Definitely, a unique gift idea that you can get started on right now and have ready in time for the Easter bunny’s deliveries! Make sure to head to the blog post to get started.

3. The first thing that comes to mind for me when I think of LEGO is just the big bin of bricks my siblings and I had at our disposal. With no end result in mind other than our imaginations, the free building was the best! Don’t get me wrong, the kits that are out there are definitely awesome, but nothing compares to the freedom of a free-for-all dig into the Lego bin.

4. While you’re crocheting that awesome blanket I linked above, you’re going to need to drink all the coffee. This fun building mug is just the ticket! I laughed out loud thinking about this sitting on my husband’s desk and him not getting any work done because he’s too busy playing! You really cannot go wrong with this unique gift idea.

5. And finally this awesome Lego journal is a great place to keep all your notes organized, but still have some fun! It’s a great unique gift idea and you and your grown-up lego loving kid will love having this around.


I hope you were able to find something in this list to help that Lego lover enjoy their holiday. Which one was your favorite? What is your favorite Lego creation to build? Let me know in the comments!

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