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The Desert Twilight Throw; it’s a Free Easy Crochet Pattern

When you’re a beginner-crocheter an easy crochet pattern is sometimes hard to find. Well, look no further! This blanket pattern is super easy and adjustable to make whatever size blanket you want. The granny stripe is also classic and comfy.

Come check out this easy crochet pattern and make your own gorgeous throw!  If you’re looking for even more beginner-friendly ideas, I talk about some other ideas in this blog post.

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Does this blanket give you the sunset vibes or what? I was recently on a road trip with my other half and saw the most gorgeous sunset of my life, and decided I needed to make a blanket to remind me of that beauty. I also wanted the blanket to be completely beginner-friendly, so the two combined came up with this gorgeous easy crochet pattern!

A granny stripe pattern gives this blanket a lightweight feel but keeps you warm all at once. The beauty of this easy crochet pattern is that you can make it to any size you want! All you have to do is make sure your starting chain is in multiples of three, then add two and you’re off to the races! So grab your supplies and let’s get hooking!

Materials Needed: 

Hook: Size H (5.0mm)

Yarn Needle


Yarn: This easy crochet pattern can be made in any color scheme you can dream up. To get the sunset vibe I was going for, I used about 15 skeins of yarn in different shades. I will list the yarn that I used and the approximate yardage but feel free to use whatever yarn you have on hand.  Any worsted weight yarn will work and I used one skein (give or take) in each of the colors/brands listed below. Your blanket will end up in different sizes, but the finished blanket I have here is 69” wide by 75” long!

Warm Brown – Red Heart Super Saver  Solids

Navy – Mainstays Basic

Slate Blue – Big Twist Yarn

Country Blue – Red Heart Super Saver Solids

Orange – Big Twist Yarn

Varsity Orange – Big Twist Yarn

Gold – Loops and Threads Impeccable

Varsity Yellow – Big Twist Yarn

Cornmeal – Red Heart Super Saver Solids

Stitch Abbreviations: 

Ch – Chain

DC – Double Crochet

Sl St – Slip Stitch

Sk – Skip

To Begin: 

Start your chain in multiples of 3 until you get to your desired width. Make sure to measure with a tape measure to ensure that you have the appropriate size and then ch 2 more. So for example I started with a ch 240 (multiple of 3) and then ch2 more for a total of 242.

Row 1: Once you’ve completed your chain and added 2 chains to the end, ***sk 2 and 3 DC in the next stitch. Sk 2, 3 DC in the next stitch.*** Repeat from *** to *** until you get to the end, 1 DC in the last st, ch2 turn.

Row 2: Your ch2 from the previous row counts as 1DC, then 2DC in the same stitch for a total of 3DC in the first stitch. ***Skip the next cluster you made from the previous row, and 3DC in the next space, sk cluster, 3DC in the next space.*** Repeat from *** to *** until you reach the end, putting 1DC in the last stitch, ch2 turn.

Keep repeating row 2 until you get to the desired length for your blanket. Once you get your desired length, break yarn, and weave in all ends.

Designer Tips:

  1. I changed colors every 15 or so rows or every time a color ran out. Sometimes it was less than 15 rows, sometimes more. But sunset is never even, so why should the blanket be?

  1. I ended up crocheting over my tails as I went because I’m lazy like that, but you can do whatever method works best for you to secure your tails

  2. I chose not to do a border around my blanket because I liked the look of the different colors, but you can do a simple single crochet border around yours to tie everything together.

  1. This easy crochet pattern is super simple for beginner-friendly and veteran crocheters alike. The beauty of this pattern is that you can make any size your heart desires, from a baby blanket to a full king-size blanket! Just make sure to increase your base chain in multiples of 3, and then add 2.

And voila! You have a beautiful, warm snuggly blanket all ready! If you would like to tag me on social media and show off your blanket, I would be thrilled! Find me on Instagram @craftaboo

You are welcome to use your finished products in whatever way you want, including selling the finished product. I do ask for a shoutout as the pattern designer if you chose to sell your finished item. Please do not copy, reproduce or use this easy crochet pattern as your own work. Thank you!

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