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Are You a Crochet Whiz? It’s a Free Quick Quiz!

How well do you think you know your craft? Are you a crochet master, or just a beginner? I decided to put together a general knowledge quiz about crochet!

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Whew! It’s the middle of the darn summer and I have just about had it with this quarantine nonsense. Even more so than I did when it started. I saw a video of a two-year-old baby on TikTok running through the house screaming “I Hate This HOUSE!” and I could not have related more to anything on this planet.

Because I’ve spent my days crocheting all the things and watching all the Netflix shows, I know that I had to get a little creative in keeping myself busy. (And not turning out like the TikTok baby!) So I’ve been doing some fun things.

I’ve been taking this opportunity to learn the drawing app Procreate and have made a handful of fun little crochet themed art doodles. Drawing has never been my strong suit, but this app makes it easy and I find myself drawn (pun intended!) to it.

These are just a couple of the designs that I’ve created in the last few weeks.

Another way I’ve kept myself busy is by taking some general knowledge quiz type tests online. There is tons of really cool information out there that I would never have thought to look into!

So today I’m combining both of these things into a great fun activity for you! Take the quick general knowledge quiz about crochet below, and be entered to win the chance for these two prints in digital stickers!

How to Win:

  1. Share your results in the comments below

  2. Share on Social media – Post the word “shared” in the comments and leave a link to your shared post. For each platform you share this quiz on, I’ll enter your name 5 more times!

Happy crocheting, and have fun! When you’re done if you’re still in a quiz taking mood, check this one out!


This is one of the most commonly made projects for beginner crocheters.

Granny Square

Uncle's Sweater

Mother's Cabin

Correct! Wrong!

When first starting out, most crocheters turn to the humble yet versatile granny squre. It can be used to make purses, jackets, blankets and so much more. Plus it's a great way to get familiar witht he stitches and hand motions of crochet

Continue >>

Almost all crochet patterns use some form of abbreviations when describing the stitches required. What does the abbreviation "sc" usually stand for?

Sullen Crochet

Single Crochet

Secondary Crochet

Correct! Wrong!

Single crochet is one of the most commonly used crochet stitches in most patterns and is often abbreviated with "sc" for short.

Continue >>

How many different yarn weight categories are there?




Correct! Wrong!

Yarn weights are broken into seven different categories and referrs to how thich the fibers are in each strand of yarn.

Continue >>

How many different sizes of crochet hooks are there?





Correct! Wrong!

According to the craft yarn council, there are 17 different sizes of crochet hooks.

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4 ply yarn is generally referred to as what?

Worsted Weight

4 ply? Toilet Paper?

There's a name for that?

Medium Thickness

Correct! Wrong!

Continue >>

True or False: Crochet is created with two pointed sticks used in tandem to create a looped effect in the yarn



Correct! Wrong!

Crochet is made with one stick with a "hook" at the end. Knitting uses two identical needles.

Continue >>

On which continent did Crochet first appear?





Correct! Wrong!

Continue >>

The Crochet Whiz Quiz

Newbie to the Craft

You are addicted to crochet, but you haven't learned all the things about it yet. And that's okay! I promise this knowledge will come to you the longer you practice this fun addicting craft.

You've Got WIP's & You Know How to Use Them

Dang! You know your stuff! Crochet is your favorite pass time and you have the knowledge to prove it. Keep hookin' because you're going to change the world with that passion!

Skillful Master!

You know all the things! I will be at your place tomorrow to learn at the feet of the master! Well, okay I'll be there for coffee and crochet, but we'll throw in the learning thing too, mmkay?

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