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Autumnal Tetris Throw – Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

Who doesn’t love a good autumn-themed crochet blanket?! This super simple beginner-friendly blanket pattern checks all the boxes for a great fall project. It works up fast, you can do any color scheme you can imagine, and it’s super adjustable to whatever size you want to make. Grab your hook, some yarn, and let’s get started!

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This little blanket is one of my most favorite things I”ve ever created. I drew the pattern for this on my Ipad a few months ago when I started longing for the autumn months. I decided after it was drawn that I loved it so much, I was going to create it for real, so I got started.

The great thing about this blanket is that it’s made of all granny squares! Check out this blog post for a tutorial on how to create the solid square we’ll be using in this blanket. My brother took one look at this blanket and immediately dubbed it the “Tetris Blanket” so that is what it has been named! Here we go, happy hooking!

Autumnal Tetris Throw

You will be creating 70 solid granny squares and then stitching them together to create this blanket. To create different sizes, bigger or smaller, simply make fewer or more granny squares until you have a size you’d like.

If the pattern is made as written, the finished blanket size is 45’’ X 62’’

Materials Needed: 

Hook: Size H (5.0mm)

Yarn Needle


Yarn: This pattern can be made in any color scheme you can dream up. I will list the yarn that I used and the approximate yardage but feel free to use whatever yarn you have on hand.  Any worsted weight yarn will work to make this blanket, but I used Red Heart Super Saver in the following:

Soft White: 2 Skeins

Burgandy: 1 Skein

Gold: 1 Skein

Cornmeal: 1 Skein

Olive: 1 Skein

Buff: 1 Skein

Cafe Latte: 1 Skein

Warm Brown: 1 Skein


SC: Single Crochet

HDC: Half Double Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

Sl St: Slip Stitch

Ch:  Chain

Start by creating 70 granny squares in the quantity listed below. For the pattern granny squares, you will do rounds 1-3 of the solid square in soft white, then change color, do round 4 in your color, then change back to white for round 5.

Squares to Make: 

Burgundy: 7 Solid, 3 Pattern

Gold: 8 Solid, 2 Pattern

Cornmeal: 8 Solid, 3 Pattern

Olive: 8 Solid, 4 Pattern

Buff: 8 Solid, 2 Pattern

Cafe Latte: 3 Solid, 5 Pattern

Warm Brown: 3 Solid, 7 Pattern

Assembling Your Blanket: 

Once you have made all 70 granny squares, you can start to assemble your blanket! This is the fun part! Refer to the picture below to assemble the squares into the pattern of the finished blanket, or put them together to form whatever design you have in your mind. This part can be as free-form or on point as you want, depending on what look you’re going for!

To sew your blanket together, you will be taking two squares and put them wrong sides together. Then you will crochet through both layers in each stitch down to join them together.

I think I love creating crochet borders more than the blanket part! The right border can really make your design come together and stand out! I decided to go with a slight leaf looking border on this blanket.

The large parts of the blanket already have enough going on visually that adding applique or anything similar would have been too much, but I wanted to have a little whimsy. This border is super simple, and works up really quickly!

You can start in any stitch, but I prefer to start close to a corner. 

1 HDC in the first 7 st.

**3 DC, ch3 then sl st in first ch. 3 DC, all in the same stitch. 7 HDC**

Repeat from ** to ** all the way around your blanket, putting your leaf in each corner, and join to the first stitch when you get back to the start. Fasten off, weave in ends.

And there you have it! A cozy great looking fall crochet blanket!

Have you started making crochet blankets for fall yet? I’d love to see what you come up with! Drop me a comment below and let me know what colors you’d do this blanket in!

PS. If you liked this pattern, would you help a girl out and give it a share? Thanks a ton, you’re awesome!

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