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Dear Crochet Hook, Why Did You Leave Me?

Dear Crochet Hook,

Why ever did you leave me? I thought we had a good thing going. You were one of the best crochet hooks I’ve ever had. Didn’t we have some good times together? I was using you for my quarantine crochet ideas list, happily hooking my way through all the things, and you just disappeared!

Just like that! No warning, no chance to say goodbye, no closure! I just don’t understand how you can disappear like that.

I do hold out hope that you’ll return again one day, dearest crochet hook. Your friends have up and left me before too, but they’ve always come back. When your journey is over, and you’ve seen all you need to see, you will return again too, just like your friends have.

Whether it’s my clover crochet hook, or just a generic ergonomic crochet hook they have all gone on journies before and ended up returning to me where they belong.

Some places where you like to hide, dear crochet hook:

  1. Behind the Sofa – This is by far your favorite place to disappear. I don’t know what the backside of the sofa and you love to discuss so deeply, but I’ve found you there more times than I can count. 

  2. Under the carpet – I’m not even sure how you find yourself into this space dear crochet hook. But I have found you lodged into the strangest places under my rugs and edges of the carpet. Why is this so cozy for you? Is this something I should try out?

  3. Car/ Bus – This one I completely understand. You want to go see the world! You’re an explorer! You’re like Lewis and Clarke, off to discover new places, worlds, and ideas. Or maybe you just wanted to go to Michaels to hang out with some friends. Either way, this one I get.

  4. Between Cushions: AGain, this one I don’t understand. Why is this a special place? Maybe it’s because you love sitting on the couch as much as I do? I don’t think I’ll ever figure this one out.

  5. Pets: Look, I know they’re furry and adorable. I understand the draw. But why do you end up hiding in their beds? I just don’t know what the draw is for you there…

Some Places I Store You, Crochet Hook, & Forget

This one is on me. I like to put you in safe places so I won’t lose you, and end up forgetting that safe place.

WIPs:  The most common spot that I lose track of you, best crochet hook, is in a work in progress. I stash you inside the project to hang out with each other, and then completely forget about you. Sometimes it’s days or weeks before we’re reunited!

Hair Bun: I like to stick pens and other objects inside my pulled up hair for safekeeping. On more than one occasion I”ve lost you in there too, crochet hook, and don’t think I am not feeling embarrassed about that!A letter to all my favorite lost and missing crochet hooksClick To Tweet

Here Are Some Ways I’ll Keep Track of You, Crochet Hook

  1.  I will no longer stash you in my WIP’s. I will put you away in your designated carrying case each and every time I’m done using you.

  2. If I’m just taking a break and plan to come back in a short time span, I will tell someone else where I put you down so if I forget I can have a support system for the search and rescue effort.

  3. I will make extra sure that you’re nowhere near my fur babies when I put you down. This way, they aren’t tempted to take off with you and hide out in their bed. I mean, I know they’re snuggly, but it’s really no place for my best crochet hook!

Final Thoughts:

I hereby request that all lost crochet hooks or those that are in hiding, please return to me. Though I have found some replacements and have carried on with my life since your departure, things are just not the same without you. I have five WIP’s that I have to use the same hook for, so you can see it’s starting to get dicey without you.

Please come back. I promise I’ll take good care of you this time. I swear I can change!

What are some places that you’ve lost your crochet hook? Did  I leave something off this list? Leave me a comment below to tell me about your favorite missing hooks. There’s strength in numbers, and we all need a support system!

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