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How to Make the Crochet LEGO Blanket – (With Photos!)

One of my most popular patterns in recent years has been my Crochet LEGO Blanket. (Which includes a tutorial on the puff stitch, also known as bobble stitch and popcorn stitch)

I created this pattern a few years back as a graduation gift for my brother. He’s always loved LEGO’S and I tried to make that into something with crochet.

(You can read the original post here)

After scouring the internet and coming up empty, I decided I’d try my hand at creating a suitable pattern myself. I didn’t know how to create the stitch required for the bumps in the Lego bricks, so I wasn’t sure at first how I was going to come up with my own pattern.

I’d never heard of the puff stitch, (also known as the popcorn stitch, or bobble stitch). so I first had to learn how to create it. Once I mastered that, it was time to start writing the pattern.

I pieced together the parts of various patterns I liked, made a LOT of changes, and this blanket was born! Today I’m sharing a free version of this pattern with you! Also, I’m including the video tutorial that I have that goes over the puff stitch (or popcorn stitch, or bobble stitch…whatever you want to call it) to create the bumps for the LEGO brick.

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This would also make a great stash buster project!

Check out what other’s have said about this pattern:

A Few Things Before We Get Started:

  1. Each block measures 3.5’’X5’’.

  2. This crochet LEGO blanket measures 42’’X 70’’ as written, but you can create your own size simply by adjusting the number of blocks you create up or down.

  3. I used a J (6.0mm) hook and “I love this yarn” from Hobby Lobby. 

  4. Use whatever hook and yarn you want to achieve the desired size.

  5. There were 168 individual Lego Blocks made and sewn together to form the blanket.

****Other great yarn ideas would be Red Heart Super Saver because of the variety of colors, and Big Twist brand from Joann’s. I would DEFINITELY recommend getting at least two skeins of white yarn so you have plenty to join your blocks and do your border.****

Stitch Abbreviations:


Sc=Single Crochet

Dc=Double Crochet

Tc=Triple Crochet

Hdc=Half Double Crochet

Yo=Yarn Over

How to Create the Puff Stitch (Also known as the bobble stitch, or popcorn stitch)

**yo twice, insert hook in designated stitch. Yo, pull up a loop, yo pull through two loops, yo pull through two loops.** One partial Tc complete, and you now have two loops left on your hook. Repeat from ** to ** four more times all in the same stitch, at the end you should have six loops left on your hook. Yo, and pull through all six loops. One bobble stitch complete.

Creating the Full Lego Block with the Puff Stitch (or popcorn stitch, or bobble stitch)

Row 1: Ch16, sc in second ch from the hook and in each st across.  Ch2, turn. (15st)

Row 2: DC in each st across. Ch1 turn (15 st)

Row 3: *Hdc in each of the next 3st. Bobble stitch in the next * repeat from * to * three times total. Hdc in last three st. Ch2 turn (15 st)

Row 4: DC in each st across. Ch 1, turn (15st)

Row 5:  *Hdc in each of the next 3st. Bobble stitch in the next * repeat from * to * three times total. Hdc in last three st. Ch2 turn (15 st)

Row 6: DC in each st across, Ch 1, turn (15st)

Row 7: Sc in each st across. (15 st) Fasten Off

Assembling the Blanket:

Once you have made all of your blocks, here comes the fun part! Your creativity can really be let loose at this point. I laid out all of my blocks on the bed to try and find a pattern and color scheme that worked for me. But that’s only my process.

You might just randomly grab them, or do like the artist in the pictures below did and make some awesome personalized blankets with your blocks!

Here are some great ideas on what can be done with this pattern, people’s creativity with this is awesome!


I used a simple Sc join for this blanket. There are many other methods of joining, but I wanted a textured feel on the top to go with the texture of the blocks. Feel free to use whatever joining method is best for your project!

Match two blocks, wrong sides facing and Sc through both layers, putting one stitch in each space. When you get to the end, take your next two blocks (both with wrong sides facing) and continue joining with a Sc through each stitch. Keep joining blocks in this method until you get to the end of your row.

(For a more detailed set of instructions, check out this tutorial from Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me.)

I did the vertical seams first, then the horizontal because it makes more sense to my brain. But you do whatever works for you.

Finishing and Border:

Starting in the corner, Sc around the whole blanket, tucking in your ends as you go. (or leave them out and weave in later, I’m just lazy and don’t want to weave them in later!) When you get back to where you started, join with a sl st in the first Sc and ch 4.

  1. Dc in the same st, then skip 2. **Dc in next sp, ch1, Dc in same sp. Skip 2.**

  2. Repeat from **to** all the way around the blanket.

  3. When you get back to the start, join to your ch4 with a sl st, and ch4.

  4. Dc in the same stitch, then V-stitch in the next space.

  5. Continue putting v-stitches in the spaces of the previous row’s V-stitch.

I put two rounds of V-stitches around the whole blanket, then ended with two rounds of Sc. This gave it a nice wide border to offset the blocks.

Fasten off, and weave in all your ends. And that’s it! Viola!

These blankets are so much fun to make, and easier to step on than real LEGO bricks! You’ll want to get started on making a few right now because come the holiday season, EVERYONE will want one. (Speaking from experience here…)

PS. Did you enjoy this post? If you did, would you do me a favor and share this with your friends? Just use one of the share buttons at the top of the post. Thanks, you rock!

You are welcome to use your finished products in whatever way you want, including selling the finished product. I do ask for a shoutout as the pattern designer if you chose to sell your finished item. Please do not copy, reproduce, or use any part of this pattern for anything other than personal use.

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